Office design

Office interior design is creating a workspace by art installation, layout and furniture… Professional office structures require skills and qualifications. In office interior design, it's not just about having tables, chairs, shelves, and cabinets, but how designers create 3D spaces and build them into real works. The office interior space will show the personality, brand, business vision as well as the feelings of employees and customers when entering the office.

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Procedure Design
at Levin Decor

Confirm information
1. Receiving information
2. Survey of the current situation
3. Demand research
4. Make a design table
Design proposal
1. Prepare preliminary design
- Layout plan
- Concept ideas
2. Preliminary design adjustments
Detailed implementation
1. Research - design implementation
2. 3D perspective design
3. Adjust 3D Design
4. Finalize the design
Construction profile
1. Deployment of construction technical documents:
- Office furniture
- Fitout (Basic build)
- M&E (Electrical - Network - Refrigeration - Firefighting...)
2. Complete construction documents to ensure the consistency of reality and drawings
Hand over
1. Handing over design - construction documents
2. Volume table - estimate (if any)
3. Spec sheet of sample material (if any)
4. Author supervision

Office design styles

Choose the right design style according to the color and culture of the business


Minimalist style

As one of the most loved styles of all time, the minimalist style will make the office space become more elegant and streamlined than ever.

Modern style

Born in Europe, the modern style brings new colors, the breath of freedom, comfort and elegance. This is the most popular style in the world right now.

Hi-Tech Style

Short for Hi-Tech style is a high-tech style, bringing the direction of advanced technology equipment, new materials, techniques - applied into the office interior space.

Futuristic style

In Futuristic style, people can imagine a scenario outside of infinite space, the world there, although scary but also very interesting, attracts people to want to find and explore.

Color Block Style

As a new trend in office interior design, applying the rule of combining two or more color blocks in the same interior space.

Get design style advice Levin Decor

Let us have the opportunity to consult the most creative design styles, suitable for your image and corporate culture.

Why you should choose LEVIN DECOR

Creative design

Focus on creativity combined with the image, culture and core values ​​of each business

Cost Optimization

Focus on customer benefits and values ​​to accompany each project.

Strict process

The methodical survey, exchange, analysis and handover process demonstrates the professionalism and prestige of Levin Decor.

Quotation for office design

1. Free design consultation
2. Free Layout – Concept
3. Detailed quotation according to each item and customer’s needs

Frequently asked questions

The office construction process at Levin Decor includes 5 stages:

  1. Consolidation of construction estimates
  2. Sign construction contract
  3. Detailed implementation
  4. Construction profile
  5. Hand over

The office design process at Levin Decor includes 5 stages:

  1. Confirm information
  2. Design proposal
  3. Detailed implementation
  4. Construction profile
  5. Hand over

For those who do not have experience in office design, it will be difficult to understand the process and easily incur too many unplanned costs during construction. Therefore, it is better to use an office design service to help ensure a professional design work, easily monitor the quality, progress as well as plan the cost without fear of being incurred. cost during construction

In case the consulting services, design drawings for construction works mentioned above are consumed in Vietnam, they are subject to the VAT rate of 10%according to the provisions of Article 11 of Circular 219/2013/TT-BTC. December 31, 2013 of the Ministry of Finance.


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