Recruitment process


Candidates apply online at the email address:


Valid documents will be contacted within 3 to 5 days from the date of submission

3. Interview

The candidates will test disc and participate in the preliminary and professional interviews

4. Get a job

Candidates are guided to supplement the application procedures for the job (Signing a contract, participating in integration training)


Employment information

Welfare policy

For businesses, welfare is the most effective basis for attracting the best workforce. And Levindecor is no exception

Recruitment process

This is what businesses are sure to have the capacity of candidates and save time as well as recruitment costs.

application file

The importance of a resume is not something that any candidate is fully aware of.​

About us

Human Levin


Promote synchronization, create a corporate culture to develop together

Training process

Building a training environment, improving skills and human values

Team building

Connecting members, departments in the same collective to bring the company up


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Tặng bản thiết kế miễn phí. Nhận tư vấn chi tiết về các gói dịch vụ thiết kế, thi công từ Levin Decor

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