Office construction

Experienced construction team with more than 15 years of experience, has implemented many large projects such as Bitexco, Suoi Tien, Yamaha, Misa... The factory of more than 4000m2 in Cu Chi is fully equipped with production machinery imported from Europe to help Levin Decor bring customers the best quality projects and ensure absolute progress.

15+ Year
Construction experience


Basic package

  • Layout Design - Standard Concept
  • MFC wood furniture
  • M&E Basic
  • Drywall - Water-based paint, Glass
  • Existing ceiling available
  • Existing floor available
  • 1 specialist to monitor construction progress

Standard package

  • Layout Design - Advanced Concept
  • High quality MDF wood furniture
  • M&E Standard
  • Glass wall with aluminum frame, Laminated
  • Decorative plaster ceiling
  • Carpet floor, Vinyl, wooden floor
  • 1 specialist to monitor construction progress
  • 1 24/7 solution consultant

Premium package

  • Layout Design - Advanced Concept
  • Natural wood furniture
  • M&E Premium
  • Wood-paneled walls, stone-walled walls,...
  • Laminate ceiling, aluminum jelly
  • Tile floor, Granite stone,...
  • 1 specialist to monitor construction progress
  • 1 24/7 solution consultant


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Office construction process


Consolidation of construction estimates

1. Discussing construction issues
2. Cost problem
3. Delivery time
4. Contract


Sign construction contract

1. Adjusting and agreeing contract terms with investors
2. Sign the implementation contract


Production - Closed construction

1. Carrying out production at the factory
2. Construction of initialization items


Ground finishing

1. Finish the ground before installing the furniture
- M&E
- Ceiling, wall, floor


shipping and installation

1. Transport furniture after installation to the project
2. Furniture installation


cleaning, acceptance, handover

1. Construction cleaning
2. Conduct acceptance test and handover
3. Warranty and maintenance


LEVIN FACTORY more than 4000m2 European standards quality assurance

With a factory scale of more than 4000m2 closed in Cu Chi, the number of production technicians is nearly 100 employees. The factory is invested with modern machinery lines, imported directly from Europe such as Germany, Belgium, Austria… including: CNC cutting machine, multi-function automatic edge banding machine, Rounter milling machine. CNC, sawing machine, 2-sided planer, barrel sanding machine, milling machine, drilling hole, Tubi machine… Professional PU coating system. Raw materials used for production are imported from Malaysia, reputable supplier An Cuong with many rich and diverse types.

Le Vin focuses on the value and quality of interior decoration products, ensuring the delicate and perfect beauty on each product, the Ministry of KCS (Product Quality Inspection) strictly checks the quality – product aesthetics before and after installation with the working motto “Dedication – Prestige – Quality – Efficiency”.


The best quality

Inspect incoming and outgoing materials to ensure 100% product quality

Commitment to progress

Commit to the right progress with the contract of handing over to the enterprise

Optimal cost

Accounting for appropriate construction costs for businesses by a financial expert

Frequently asked questions

The office construction process at Levin Decor includes 5 stages:

  1. Consolidation of construction estimates
  2. Sign construction contract
  3. Detailed implementation
  4. Construction profile
  5. Hand over

The office design process at Levin Decor includes 5 stages:

  1. Confirm information
  2. Design proposal
  3. Detailed implementation
  4. Construction profile
  5. Hand over

For those who do not have experience in office design, it will be difficult to understand the process and easily incur too many unplanned costs during construction. Therefore, it is better to use an office design service to help ensure a professional design work, easily monitor the quality, progress as well as plan the cost without fear of being incurred. cost during construction

In case the consulting services, design drawings for construction works mentioned above are consumed in Vietnam, they are subject to the VAT rate of 10%according to the provisions of Article 11 of Circular 219/2013/TT-BTC. December 31, 2013 of the Ministry of Finance.


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